english section

These classes are aimed at Anglophone or bi-lingual students who have a solid grasp of English.

In a fun-filled atmosphere, classes aim to give children and adolescents on-going confidence, self-esteem and develop their communication skills through Drama games and exercises. Each class works towards an end of year performance in June for family and friends.

Students work on voice, creative movement, improvisation and characterisation.

Classes are led by Marian Waddington, Primary teacher and coordinator at the Anglophone Section of Fontainebleau since 1992 and actress as well as artistic director of the Compagnie Naphralytep. Marian majored in Drama and French in New Zealand and completed her studies in France at the L’Ecole de l’Acteur Florent and at the Sorbonne Universty where she obtained a ‘Maîtrise de Théâtre’. She has been working at the Nouveaux Tréteaux de l’Ane Vert and teaching Drama since 1989.

Students keen to enter Drama schools world-wide (RADA, London School of Acting, Bristol Old Vic, Cours Florent, Cours Simon…) are also closely followed by Marian and are prepared for auditions.

Due to high demand, all students interested in Anglophone Drama classes should first contact

Marian Waddington: marianwaddington@orange.fr prior to sending in their pre-inscription form.


Thank you.


Some of our former students are working in the Arts today:

Luke Thompson (actor in London), Alais Morié (actress in London), Tallulah Pollene (actress), Emilie Bry (artiste lyrique in Paris), Andreas Guzman (film director), Elina Street (film director and production coordinator at NBC), Cassandra Balbar (musician), Charlotte Arnoux (actress in New-York), Solène Marié (Arts manager in Brazil) and many more!